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I would just say, it is simply the latinamerican feeling, life-affirming attitude to the maximum or in other words: la Pura Vida.

In order to get to know these countries the most important thing is: to feel it, to see it, to taste it.

Otherwise it does not have sense.

5 things I have learned in Cuba

 As I spent one month in this incredible destination, I decided to share my stories, experiences and tips separate in different posts. First of all, I have to mention that Cuba is a very unique, in many aspects different, hard-to-understand country. While visiting it...


I could compare this amazing continent to a very diverse, colourful mosaic.

The pieces – countries – of this masterwork show us the most unique creations of architecture, different cultures and heavenly good food.

Through my journey in european countries I invite you for a walk into the narrow streets of numerous wonderful places seasoned with culinary specialties.

Saalbach-Hinterglemm: the green gem of Austria

This really green, really airy-fairy place 90 km far from the Mozart’s city, Salzburg was my home for couple of years. Here you will find a colourful blend of my memories and some –mostly outdoor – activities. As I am an eternal lover of summer, I summarized my...

Montenegro: Lost in Olive Groves

For years it was my first spring spent in Europe, and after long searching, hesitating I decided to discover a small part of Montenegro. I had my doubts about this hidden – not so well known – country, but I have to say: it was one of my best choices ever.As...

10 things to do in Amsterdam

10 Things to do in Amsterdam   Amsterdam is a vibrant, colourful city providing numberless opportunities for grabbing some culture and art, sightseeing, gastro touring or just simply hanging out.  In the narrow streets and among the canals of the city center...


My favourite countries, matchless culture, amazing food. How could I define South-East Asia?

It is the perfect blend of chaos and harmony. It is a small jewelry box, which hides the most special treasures.

In this section I prepared for you a mixture of travel itineraries, my experiences and short stories from local people.

Vang Vieng & the jewels of Luang Prabang

As I have mentioned already, Laos is one of the most colourful countries in South-East Asia. I could define it as rough diamond – the less popular destination – among the shiny gems of the continent. Laos is full of surprises, full of wonderful people, mesmerizing...

Singapore: 3 days in luxury

Singapore. This wonderful country with its fabolous gardens, museums and unique architecture is to many of us a mystery, something very different compared to other countries in Southeast Asia. For me it was incredibly perfect, like a painting. The perfectly designed...

Mui Ne, Vietnam: the spicy blend of desert, sea & gastro

Mui Ne – located in the southern part of the country – is less popular among travelers, than North-Vietnam hiding real treasures of nature. It is a traditional fishing town spoilt by huge concrete giants and resorts with secret gardens, which lead to the beach. It can...

Nong Khiaw: the hidden treasure of Laos

Nong Khiaw situated in Luang Prabang Province is one of the most fairy-tale-like destinations of Northern Laos providing limitless possibilities for all types of travelling. This cute, romantic village surrounded by emerald-coloured mountains captivated me at first...

Israel: Road trip across the desert

Compared to other countries Israel is something totally different. It is not only about its religion, unusual traditions and colourful culture. The winding roads between the pinky-red secret mountains, across the desert definitely mean one of the best road trip...

Koh Rong, Cambodia: the reality behind the paradise

Cambodia always was for me something special, like a rough diamond in South-East Asia’s treasure chest. I was deeply interested in its history, the sorrowful life of the people there and I am sure it is a bit platitudinous, but stills of the movie Beyond borders...

How to spend a short weekend in Taipei?

Taipei can be at the first view like a jungle of huge buildings and mind blowing toys, especially with Hello Kitty on every corner. But even so I fell in love with this surreal city due to its amazing temples and delicious food. I prepared a 2-day itinerary, a small...
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