I am Zuzanna, a solo female backpacker seeking for adventures, beauty of the world and personal stories.

My blog is kind of a travel diary seasoned with my experiences and wonderful stories.

I hope, you will find, what you are looking for.

Have a nice journey with me!

My journey

Travelling. It was love at first sight. Even as a child, I was so excited abou the small trips to my grandparents in Hungary, or to Poland. I simply loved these old, smoky trains. After years my excitement – my love – became just bigger and bigger. I studied at the university tourism and gastronomy, while learning of new languages is my favourite hobby, of course, after travelling. After a while it turned out: the „normal life” with normal holiday is not for me.

I was seeking for my way, for that way, which gives me the chance to live my dreams: I went to Malta with a one-way ticket in search of adventures. I tasted the real beach life, I experienced, how it feels when salty breeze kisses my face, when the sunset paints the sky in thousands shades of pink.

After 1,5 year I was seeking for a new adventure: Austria. Mountains, valleys and shining creeks as a diamond. Spending here the summer and winter, every autumn and spring I have the opportunity to discover the hidden treasures of the world: I swam with the sparkling planktons at midnight in Kambodia, did yoga in the remote mountains of Montenegro, studied Spanish in Cuba, climbed the Batur Mountain for sunrise in Bali, enjoyed every bite of home-made italian food in Capri or the pure luxury in Katar.

Here you can find Whatever: help for your journey, tips, look into different cultures or into personal stories. I write my blog for those who need some encouragement, some inspiration, and for all those who would like to get to know a dash of the world through my memories and experiences.

Recent Travels


Vang Vieng & the jewels of Luang Prabang

Vang Vieng & the jewels of Luang Prabang

As I have mentioned already, Laos is one of the most colourful countries in South-East Asia. I could define it as rough diamond – the less popular destination – among the shiny gems of the continent. Laos is full of surprises, full of wonderful people, mesmerizing...

Singapore: 3 days in luxury

Singapore: 3 days in luxury

Singapore. This wonderful country with its fabolous gardens, museums and unique architecture is to many of us a mystery, something very different compared to other countries in Southeast Asia. For me it was incredibly perfect, like a painting. The perfectly designed...

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